Lifting Equipments

manual Chain Hoist

For moving and installing heavy products


  • A hardened special alloy steel load chain (0.5ton - 20ton)
  • A high-hardened special alloy steel load chain with a thrust bearing (0.5ton - 20ton)

(Photo: ChainHoist_VH5_10t)

mnual Lever Hoist

* Lifting and fastening equipments used for loading a truck and moving heavy objects.


  • Shovel, Scoop
  • Pruning shears, Pruning hook, etc.



Manual Trolly

* For laterally transporting hoisted loads, compatible with I-beam and H-beam rails.


  • Plain Trolley (0.5ton - 10ton)
  • Geared Trolley (1ton - 10ton)



Electric Chain Hoist


  • Motor trolley, ordinary type (500kg - 20ton)
  • Suspended hoist, ordinary type (500kg - 20ton)

  • Low headroom type (500kg - 5ton)
  • Double rail type (2.8ton - 30ton)

Inverter type is also available


* Wire rope winch used for the positioning heavy machinery, aligning steel during erection and lifting heavy objects.

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